Better Labs is a idea to product to company builder. We turn ideas into profitable operating businesses who all have a common trait of being loved by their customers - we obsess over NPS and love what we do at Labs.


ReadyContacts delivers AI-powered sales & marketing data intelligence to turbo charge revenue pipelines for global customers.


PicBackMan is a backup assistant that helps you keep your memories safe & is trusted by users in 130+ countries.


Magik is an ecommerce tools company that helps online sellers to grow their business & optimize their operations.


DataDoctor is a CRM data cleansing & enrichment assistant for marketers to turn data into their most powerful asset.

Maroun Place

Maroun Place is creating a scalable platform & model to build premium real estate assets with a specific focus on office spaces.


Gyde is re-imagining how millions of business users resolve questions & become proficient in applications they use everyday.


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We measure the success of our products by the love they get from customers spread across 130+ countries and ranging from Fortune 500 companies to garage startups.