We invest in mission-oriented founders pursuing large market opportunities in India as well as global markets.


We invest in the earliest stages of a startup and work hard to deliver 100X the value of our monetary investment by helping founders through their journey in everything from fund raising to recruiting to marketing to sales & sometime just listening.

Invest with Better Capital

You can invest alongside Better Capital and get access to high quality pre-seed, seed and pre-Series A startups. We invest in early stage companies with top tier VCs and angels across India and Silicon Valley. To invest with Better Capital, apply here.

  • rupeek
  • testbook
  • open
  • yulu
  • ShopKirana
  • convertfox
  • clarisights
  • plobalapp
  • Exit
    fliptopAcquired by LinkedIn
  • bon
  • mealtango
  • workapps
  • betaout
  • Exit
    framebenchAcquired by Freshworks
  • sming

Get funded by Better Capital

We invest in founders with a mission & join pre-seed, seed and pre-Series A rounds and in most occasions work with founders from the very early stages to assist in product, sales, marketing & fund raising. To pitch to Better Capital, apply here.

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